designing a meaningful photoshoot

On my very first Portrait of Beauty journal, let's talk about legacy.

What if you took a chance?

I mean you are here aren't you?

This is my journey to the beginning ...

Since 2006 I have been capturing modern beauty style images for people I have come to admire. This is a pretty easy feeling. We worked together for a common interest. The legacy of the picture. You see, the most important message I can offer in these times of the selfie and quick captures on our little devices, the images are sweet, in the moment and tells a story of your life. The images live on your 'phone' and typically are not the type that speaks to an heirloom. What I mean by this is the intentional capture that portrays you in a moment in time to be enjoyed and adored for the next generations.

Do you have a shoebox of portraits of your family or ancestors. How dear do you hold these? They are printed, framed or simply available to have and to hold. No digitized screen between you. Only dreams of time spent, acknowledgment of the past generations, a precious and seemingly simple valued belonging. Would you agree?

What worries many legacy portrait photographers is the loss of this practice. A seated portrait that turns into the age old magic of the print. A print that may be added to the shoebox eventually but you know what, it's a part of the living legacy for others to enjoy.

My brother and I often go through my Mom's big box of photographs she collected through time. We constantly play the Who's That Game. Often these pictures were not sorted. Family tree branches blended together. We are so thankful for this box and the questions that go with it. Luckily sometimes the picture can be flipped and miraculously you see written often in pencil, name and year, sometimes locale. GPS of the past haha.

Anyway, my Grandfather whom I can't remember since he passed when I was 5 really influenced me by these pictures. In the box were 50+ photos of my Mom, GrandMom (who I never got to meet) and others, including their Irish Pub in Massilon, Ohio and scenes from those days. Looks like it's in my blood and heritage. So much that I adopted his first name Patrick as my last for my online presence, my pen name for journalism and my business name.

If you think of your own little slice of history ... it's in the photographs. Often not snapshots but carefully executed portraits by a trained photographer. Yes, I know you have some gorgeous wedding portraits (if so) from a pro, but this is different. It's just you, it's the moment that is not connected to a celebration or graduation. I think you know the vibe...

So I urge you, to find your photographer ... make the commitment. Life is fleeting isn't it? We spend our dollars in all kinds of ways that will never leave the impact of a lasting impression of your life. The 'cloud' cannot do the job. It can't be propped on the dresser or mantel, it can't be laid a table without timing out.

Your journey to the beginning is the legacy you leave behind.

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These are a few photographs I display on my mantel. My Grandparents are on the bottom two and his camera is here. My parents above and my brothers and me with my sweet Aunt Minnie. I have many more of other family that has passed. I need these images. They make me whole.